The summit summit – the innovation in the mountains

2023-05-10 10:36:15

Deep in the air: future topics in a feel-good atmosphere – where speakers become listeners.

Salzburg (OTS) Austria’s conference world has a new summit meeting in Zauchensee. Entrepreneurs, executives, HR managers, tourism experts and, above all, future thinkers meet for interdisciplinary exchange with industry insiders, specialist colleagues and like-minded people.

From June 12th to 23rd and September 11th to 22nd, 2023, the special setting away from classic seminars and conferences offers impulses from keynote speakers, inspiring reflection and exchange rounds in the form of sparring groups and collegial case advice, indoor and outdoor units, Morning impulses on the alp and concrete implementation strategies for day-to-day operations. Initiators and guest speakers become listeners and are exclusively available to the participants for the entire 3 days in an advisory capacity. Per summit
Only 35 tickets will be awarded to ensure that the needs of all participants have enough space.

The summit meeting is held at 1400m in the Hotel Sportalmmm, in the smallest Hotel Zauchensee in Salzburgerland with the triple “mmm”, which is characterized by the feel-good atmosphere and the culinary highlights of chef Philipp Dolschek.

With a special summit for caregiving and caring relatives, the organizers express recognition and appreciation for those people who do great things behind the curtain. In cooperation with well-known partners, it is possible for caring and caring relatives to spend relaxing days in the mountains to regain strength. “We not only want to offer companies appointments with highly competent speakers, it is also important to us to make a contribution to society. Giving something back, too,” said the organizers.

The summit meeting at 1400m is organized by the “Zauchensee Summit OG” around Katharina Dessl, management consultant and organizational developer, and Roland Dolschek, hotelier in Zauchensee.

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