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The “Sunday Journal” changes director again

Three months after the previous reshuffle at the head of the weekly very influential in the political environment, the journalist Jérôme Béglé will take the general direction of the drafting of the Sunday Newspaper (JDD) from January 24, announced the Lagardère group, Wednesday January 12.

The direction of JDD had been turned upside down at the end of October, after the dismissal of Hervé Gattegno, replaced by Jérôme Bellay. Lagardère, owner of the publication whose main shareholder is media giant Vivendi, was silent on the reasons for this eviction. This appointment is a surprise for the drafting, to which it was assured that no change of editorial line would be made, explained a source familiar with the matter.

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“Transformation sites”

“We would like to warmly thank Jérôme Bellay who perfectly accompanied the Sunday newspaper and its teams during this transition period ”, simply commented on the management of the Lagardère group.

On the other hand, Cyril Petit, editorial director, retains his functions and will support Jérôme Béglé to “Continue the transformation projects [entrepris] on the JDD, in particular on digital ”, specifies the press release.

Jérôme Béglé, through the editorial staff of Paris Match, from Figaro magazine and you Point, regularly appears on the CNews channel, owned by Vivendi, the group headed by billionaire conservative Vincent Bolloré. Under his leadership, the Europe 1 radio station, also owned by Lagardère, has this season made a merger with CNews, causing a haemorrhage of departures within the station.

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