The teacher, the mayor and the supposed Islamist threat: return to the controversy of Trappes

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Résumé. Under police escort, Didier Lemaire, professor of philosophy for 20 years in Trappes (Yvelines), no longer wishes to practice. Since his remarks on the Islamist movement in a Dutch program last January, he claims to be the object of death threats, fears he entrusted to the weekly Le Point, on February 5.

The teacher therefore begins a media marathon. Juggling between radio and TV sets, he maintains his position on the growing religious communitarianism in the city, according to him “fallen into the hands of the Islamists”.

The mayor, Ali Rabeh, was indignant after these statements which he considers false. Since then, Trappes has been in the spotlight. Several television teams went there after the invitations of the elected.

Source code looks back on this media rush with Jeanne Cassard, journalist for the Yvelines du Parisien edition.

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