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▲ Xu Weining (right) and Huang He (left) starred in the series “The Little Girl in Red”. (Picture / Retrieved from IMDb)

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Horror~ The ghost gate opens in July in the lunar calendar. Japan has Sadako and Kaye, Thailand has ghost Nana, and the United States has Annabelle. What ghost queen IPs are there in Taiwan? After counting down the three ghosts today, all of them are real people, and the last one is the most bizarre. The heroine “resurrected the soul from a dead body” for 60 years and died in 2018.

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6th and 7th graders should still remember that there was a wave of supernatural shows when they were young. Beginning with Zhongshi’s “Believe it or not”, the supernatural unit “Ghost Talk” of TTV’s “Night of the Rose” took over the popularity, and Sanli’s “Ghost Story”. “Shadow Chasing Chasing Chasing”, the Eighth Major “Happy Ghosts”, and Dong Sen’s “Ghost Talks” have attracted a lot of attention.

Ghost Queen 1 The Mysterious Case of the Little Girl in Red in the 1990s

▲Do you still remember the little girl in red who shocked the society back then? He can be called a generation of mountaineering prodigies. (mistaken) (Photo/Retrieved from “Happy Ghosts”)

The urban legend of “Little Girl in Red” first appeared in the 1998 supernatural show “Happy Ghosts”. After a family went on a trip to the Dakeng Trail, they unfortunately suffered one after another. Looking back at the videotape, I found a girl in red with a face Tie Qing followed them.

▲ In 2015, it was adapted into the movie “The Little Girl in Red”, which was the highest-grossing horror film in Taiwan in 10 years. (Picture / Retrieved from Baidu Encyclopedia)

Some people suspect that the little girl in red is a “devil boy”, but some people attribute it to the problems caused by the unclear quality of the video at the time. After becoming the most famous ghost in Taiwan, it was adapted into a movie in 2015.

The Queen of Ghosts 2 The 4 strange cases in the late Qing Dynasty

▲ In 2015, it was adapted into the movie “The Little Girl in Red”, which was the highest-grossing horror film in Taiwan in 10 years. (Picture / Retrieved from Baidu Encyclopedia)

“Sister Lin Tou”, “Chen Shou Niang’s Revelation” and “The Burning of Gold in Lu Zu Temple” are collectively known as “Three Odd Cases in the Palace City of the Qing Dynasty”. If Taipei’s “Zhou Cheng Crosses Taiwan” is added, it is called “Four Odd Cases in Taiwan in the Late Qing Dynasty” “. The heroine is “Li Zhaoniang”. When her husband Chen Mingtong was on a business trip to China, the boat capsized in the black water ditch and fell into the sea.

At this time, Zhou Yasi, a friend of her husband’s life and a native of Shantou, Guangdong, often came to the house to ask for warmth. After successfully cheating money and sex, she left the country. “Li Zhaoniang” lost both people and wealth, and the two children died of cold and starvation one after another. After strangling her youngest son on a rainy night, she hanged herself on a tree in Lin Tou and turned into a ghost. This is why she is called “Sister Lin Tou”.

▲The 1988 version of “Sister Lin Tou” starred Shi Si, a film and television sister in the 1970s. (Picture / Retrieved from Wikipedia)

The story was made into movies in 1956, 1979, and 1988, and stars such as Yang Lihua, Ke Junxiong, Jiang David, and Shi Si participated in the filming.

Ghost Queen 3 Zhu Xiuhua Incident in the 1960s

▲The woman “Lin Junyao” (left) woke up after her death and was resurrected by the girl “Zhu Xiuhua”, which has become a contemporary mystery. (Picture / Photo of this publication)

The “Zhu Xiuhua Incident” took place in Mailiao Township, Yunlin County, Taiwan. The heroine “Lin Junyao” was a local. She originally only spoke Taiwanese and was illiterate. When she suddenly woke up, the woman “Lin Yanyao” woke up, but she claimed that she was a girl from Kinmen, “Zhu Xiuhua”. Mandarin, can read and understand accounting, in addition to being a vegetarian, and worship Guanyin Bodhisattva and Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva at home.

The family believes that “Lin Yiyao”, who calls himself “Zhu Xiuhua”, has a mental illness, commonly known as multiple personalities. In 1961, Master Xingyun and Nun Zhidao all believed this after their personal visit. In 1962, after the diagnosis and treatment of the Douliu Army 815 Hospital, the doctors also believed that the corpse was revived. “Zhu Xiuhua” revealed that when she was 17 years old, an artillery battle broke out. She escaped from Kinmen by boat with her parents, but unfortunately she got separated and drifted to Haifeng Island off the coast of Xixiang, Yunlintai.

▲ In 1981, “Zhu Xiuhua Incident” was adapted into the movie “Borrowing the Dead”, starring Hu Yinmeng. (Picture / flip from cat’s eye)

When the fishermen saw that she was wearing gold jewelry, they became greedy and drowned her to death. Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva thought that her yang life was not over, and finally helped her return to the world. On May 23, 2018, “Lin Yanyao” passed away at the age of 97. In 1981, this incident was adapted into the movie “Borrowing the Dead”, played by Hu Yinmeng, who was known as “Taiwan’s No. 1 Beauty” at the time.

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