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  original title:UFO Shooting Asian Championships End Chinese Team Two-way Mixed Team Takes Gold and Silver

According to the official website of the International Shooting Sports Federation, on the last day of the UFO Shooting Asian Championships on the 7th, the Chinese team Yu Ziqing/Jiang Yiting defeated their teammates Dun Yueheng/Wei Ning and won the UFO two-way mixed team gold medal. This sport replaced the multi-directional mixed team as the Olympic sport during the Paris Olympic cycle.

In the qualifying round, the China 1 team composed of Yu Ziqing/Jiang Yiting and the China 2 team composed of Dun Yueheng/Wei Ning also scored 142 hits with the Kazakhstan 2 team. In the extra round, Dun Yueheng/Wei Ning took the lead with 4 out of 4. Yu Ziqing/Jiang Yiting and Kazakhstan 2 team are both in the third place. In the second extra match, Yu Ziqing/Jiang Yiting in the 4th place defeated the Kazakhstan 2nd team in the 3rd place, and the Chinese team locked the championship and runner-up in this project in advance.

In the competition for the gold medal, the two teams in the first four groups won alternately and tied 4 times. In the fifth group, Dun Yueheng played steadily and scored 4 hits. Veteran Wei Ning scored 1 hit with poor sight, but Yu Ziqing/Jiang Yiting failed to catch it. Good opportunity, a total of 5 hits, the two teams fought to 5 draws and entered the extra round. In the extra match, Yu Ziqing/Jiang Yiting beat Dun Yueheng/Wei Ning with 4 out of 3 to win the championship.

The champion Jiang Yiting just turned 18 not long ago. She won the women’s flying saucer two-way individual championship at the National Youth Games.

A total of 9 competitions were held in this Asian Championships. The Chinese team won 3 golds, 3 silvers and 4 bronzes, ranking second in the gold medal list, and Kuwait with 4 gold medals ranked first. In the five Olympic sports competitions of men’s and women’s multi-directional, men’s and women’s two-way and two-way mixed teams, the Chinese team won 1 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze.

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