The trial for the murder of a woman from Vitoria by her ex-partner begins

Agustín HB is sentenced before he takes his seat in the Provincial Court of Álava. It will not be discussed in this jury trial that starts tomorrow whether or not he killed his ex-partner, Ana Belén, in his family home in Turiso, in the Alava municipality of Lantarón. Agustín has already confessed the facts to the National Police, who arrested him at his job in Mercedes. He also ‘sang’ to the head of the Court of Violence against Women. What will be deliberated starting tomorrow, and for a period of five days, are the years of punishment that he will receive for this “treacherous murder” committed on October 3, 2017.

Coincident in the charges, where the requests of the individual parties differ is in the aggravating and extenuating ones. The accusations – Prosecution, private accusation exercised by the victim’s sisters, popular accusation in the hands of the Clara Campoamor association and the Council for Minors on behalf of the young son of the couple – will demand the maximum allowed by the Penal Code. That is, 25 years. The defense will be placed at the other end of the scale. He will advocate for the minimum to his client. 15 years.

Between tomorrow and Friday, the 9 members of the jury will hear how Agustín killed Ana Belén with a hammer. Twelve hit him in the head, according to the autopsy. The first came when she was on her back. Defenseless Hence the aggravation of “treachery” admitted by all parties.

That morning of October 3, 2017, Agustín thoroughly cleaned the kitchen, where the crime took place. He took the family car, loaded the inert body of Ana Belén and parked it on a street in Miranda de Ebro. Shortly after, a passer-by noticed that there was a corpse in a vehicle. The news spread like wildfire in the town, where for weeks there had been fear of a stranger who attacked women with a hammer. It is believed that it was Agustín preparing an alibi. This case is being investigated in Burgos with this Alava as the only accused.

Agustín and Ana Belén met in 1988. They married in 1996 and fell out of love in 2017. At least she, who had started the procedures for separation and had been excited again with a neighbor from Turiso.

The couple had two children in common. The oldest – now an adult – appeared in the court case as a private prosecution, but ended up withdrawing. The two orphans regularly visit their father in the Álava penitentiary, where he spends many hours in the workshop. He also acts as a trusted prisoner. “He is a model intern,” Zaballa’s internal sources slip.

Why did he attack her that morning? José Miguel Fernández ‘Fote’, Clara Campoamor’s lawyer, answers. “This murder contains the worst possible gender violence. The profile of the aggressor is given 100%, He killed her because she wanted a divorce and because he considered her his. We want an exemplary sentence.

To the treachery, the accusations believe that it is necessary to charge “cruelty” – for the twelve hammer blows – and also “the commission of crime for gender reasons.”

Pepe Ojea will represent Agustín in the main hall of the Álava Provincial Court. “We admit that there is treachery because the victim could not defend himself. But there is no cruelty because the forensic report says that he was unconscious or semi-conscious at the first blow.


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