“The Truth About Sweeteners: Myths and Risks Unveiled by WHO Director for Nutrition”

2023-05-17 19:08:28

Currently there are thousands of products that seek to provide the consumer with a healthy option or with fewer calories, this in order to have a balanced diet. One type of this product are sweeteners, used to replace sugar.

Various sweeteners are offered on the market such as stevia, saccharin, aspartame, among others. These types of products are used to sweeten meals or foods, since it is believed to be less harmful to health.

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  • They do not help control weight: Contrary to what the of these products indicates, sweeteners do not help control weight in the long term, It is believed that being a sugar substitute will provide caloric benefits, but studies indicate that it does not.
  • Increased risk of diabetes: The WHO warns that the consumption of sweeteners could increase the chances of suffering type 2 diabetes.
  • Increased risk of cardiovascular disease: Diseases such as hypertension, excess cholesterol, heart failure could be developed by the constant use of sweeteners.
  • No nutritional value: Sugar-free sweeteners “are not essential nutritional elements and They have no nutritional value.” the organization noted.

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Substituting sugars for these sweeteners is detrimental to health “People should consider other ways to reduce the consumption of free sugars, such as eating foods that contain natural sugars, such as fruit, or sugar-free foods and drinks”, highlighted Francesco Branca, WHO director for nutrition and food security.

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