The Turmoil of Mayor Catherine Moureaux: Fractured Camps, Accusations, and Uncertain Future

2023-11-29 10:47:07

For several months, the mayor (PS) of Molenbeek has been in turmoil. Catherine Moureaux is attacked from all angles and not just by the opposition. His own camp has fractured, particularly over the increase in real estate taxes. Within the college, the atmosphere between socialist and liberal partners is tense. Five senior officials of the municipality wrote to the college to complain about the attitude of the mayor (without, however, naming her) and to denounce a climate of mistrust.

Alderman (PS) Abdallah Achaoui accused Catherine Moureaux of having attacked him on the sidelines of a college, two elected representatives of the opposition filed a complaint for college agendas which were allegedly falsified, the unions are up in arms against the social climate that reigns in the commune.

Catherine Moureaux appeared isolated, challenged by her own troops. Has it become too much to bear? In any case, the mayor has withdrawn from the college since October 19. Since this date, Catherine Moureaux has regularly extended her absence from fortnight to fortnight, the last deadline now being set for December 10. Will she return to control after this date? Nothing is less sure. Within the town, rumors are rife, including one suggesting a definitive throw in the towel by the mayor.

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