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03/22/2024 1:56 p.m. Updated on 03/22/2024 2:56 p.m.

Racing left the Gimnasia La Plata field with a victory that left its negative side. In the 3-0 win over San Martín de Burzaco (Primera B Metropolitana) in the debut in the Argentine Cup, Ignacio Galván and Gabriel Rojas ended up injured and it seems very difficult for them to reach the League Cup match when it resumes on the weekend of Sunday the 31st., post stop for the FIFA date. In this way, in the same match Gustavo Costas lost his two full-backs on the left, who will undergo medical tests, the results of which the club will announce on Monday.

As a first diagnosis, the coaching staff headed by Gustavo Costas was informed that Nacho had suffered a sprain in his left ankle, while Gabi’s case would be a muscle problem in a hamstring in his left leg.

If a tear or strain is indeed confirmed, Gabi will have a recovery of around three weeks, so he would miss the matches against Central Córdoba in Santiago del Estero and Lanús. And he could reappear against Belgrano, on the last date. But the coaching staff believes that it could be a contracture, although even in the best of cases they would not risk it against Ferroviario. In turn, Galván should face rehabilitation of between 10 and 15 days.

Costas had decided to rest some players to give them rest. In this context, the coach decided to start Galván for the first time in the semester, after making him enter the second half of several games. When 33 minutes had passed and he wanted to protect a ball near his area, a rival from San Martín de Burzaco hooked him from behind in the fight for the ball and there the Academy defender stepped on mal. At 36′ he was replaced by Rojas, the starter in the position. And bad fortune also harmed him: At 46′ he had to leave the field due to a serious illness.

Costas now decides how he will cover the left back

Costas will now have to define how he will occupy the left side of the defense. With Galván and Rojas as casualties, During the match against San Martín Mura ran from the right to the other side and Gastón Martirena entered. Against San Martín de Burzaco, that movement could be repeated or García Basso could go from the back to play as a 3, a position he already fulfilled in his career. In this case, a second central marker should enter, perhaps Nazareno Colombo.

Nacho Galván had a bone injury. Photo: @racingclub

Costas’ plan to avoid injuries in Racing against San Martín de Burzaco

“I had taken care of players so that the same thing with Almendra didn’t happen to me,” Costas explained at the press conference. The midfielder is recovering from a tear in the semimembranous hamstring of his right leg and the idea is for him to appear (initially or on the substitute bench) against Ferroviario. It also remains to know how Bruno Zuculini will evolve, who had been concentrated for the Argentine Cup match and was left out of the 24 named due to a right adductor ailment. But beyond this, he will not be available to visit Central Córdoba because he will have to meet a suspension date due to the accumulation of yellow cards. He will surely be able to return on the weekend of Sunday, April 7, in the Cilindro, against Lanús.

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