The Ultimate Guide to the Apple Watch Ultra 2: Price, Specifications, and Features

2023-09-24 23:47:40

The user searched for the price and specifications of a distinctive smart watch, which is one of the most expensive smart watches on the market. This watch has powerful specifications and features that meet the needs of adventure enthusiasts, underwater diving, and desert conquerors. Specifications of the Apple Watch Ultra 2: The watch features a light, corrosion-resistant titanium frame that is slightly raised to protect the sapphire crystal from shocks. It is water-resistant up to 100 meters and has been tested according to the American military standard MIL -STD 810H and IP6X rating for dust resistance. It also features a large and bright screen thanks to the power of the new S9 chip with an integrated circuit system (SiP), and the screen brightness reaches 3000 nits at its peak performance. Which makes it easy to read under bright sunlight. The watch’s battery lasts for days, with up to 36 hours of normal use. Up to 72 hours of normal use with low power settings activated. Up to 17 hours of exercise with low power mode. It also features precise dual-frequency GPS performance, making it the most accurate GPS system. Among all the sports watches in high-density cities. The price of the Apple Watch Ultra 2The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is one of the most expensive smart watches in the world. Its price is $799. Its price is $800. In Egypt, its price is about 24,720 Egyptian pounds.
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