The Unnecessary Frustration of Self-Checkouts: News and Updates

2023-12-12 15:51:43

I think we can all collectively agree, that as convenient as it may be to use them when you’re buying a handful of items, using self-checkouts can be incredibly frustrating when you have a cart full of groceries.

For years, people have been saying this is essentially free labor, and it’s not just that; some other issues have arisen. Cameras have had to be installed over the years, store clerks now have to supervise to make sure the machines work properly, and the list goes on.

According to CNN, stores that have added self-checkouts did so to eliminate some tasks and the need for traditional cashiers. Unfortunately, it has created a need for higher-wage IT jobs.

Removing Self-Checkouts

According to KOCO NewsWalmart has found that self-checkouts lead to higher merchandise losses from customer errors. This, coupled with intentional shoplifting, has prompted executives to rethink self-checkouts.

The source says the Walmart company has removed self-checkouts from some New Mexico storesand it’s likely that they will continue to remove them from others across the country.

Keep in mind, that’s not to say they will go away completely.

It’s Not Just Walmart

Costco has also been reporting issues with the use of self-checkouts. They’ve noticed non-members using other people’s membership cards. They added more staff in self-checkout areas to help combat that.

The source also says Five Below has also reported shrinkage from the implementation of self-checkouts. They have since added more staffed cash registers.

Moving Forward

It’s likely we will start to see something we’ve longed for – staff/cashiers returning to the stores and restrictions on the use of self-checkouts. I would be willing to bet that over the next couple of years, we will see this in bigger cities, but it will trickle down to North Dakota stores if it hasn’t already.

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