The Wealth of a Beggar: Dividing the Controversial Million Pound Inheritance

2023-06-09 22:11:26

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documenting the moment of dividing the wealth of a “beggar” that exceeded one million Egyptian pounds, which she obtained from begging and begging passers-by, over her brothers, after her death, sparked a state of controversy among followers in Egypt.

The lady, “Khairiya Ali Abdel Jalil,” and her nickname “Guyish”, used to roam the streets to beg, and she lived her life destitute, sympathizing with the people for her condition. She died about 10 days ago, and the people of the village in which she lived in Qena Governorate sponsored the expenses of her burial, before the discovery of her enormous wealth, which was found She had to live in a small yard in which she used to live, according to “Cairo 24”.

According to eyewitnesses, nearly a million pounds were found, most of it was loose change, which the deceased hid inside sacks and plastic bags in the small yard in which a Qena beggar lived, noting that her estate was divided among her five siblings, 4 women and a man, under the supervision of a committee of the people.

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