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2024-01-18 02:17:00

The winning sports lottery numbers are 55555 and the prize is 500 million: there is a blowout in the first prize. The official response is that there is no human control.

The latest lottery results of China Sports Lottery were released on January 17. Among them, the rare “five consecutive” combinations appeared in rankings 3 and 5.

The winning number for sports lottery ranking 3 is the leopard number “555”, and the winning number for ranking 5 is “55555”. There was also a blowout for the first prize ranked 5, and the prize pool was cleared again.

Last night was the 24008th issue of the Grand Lotto. The winning numbers were: 04 06 11 20 30 03 05. With such winning numbers, 6 jackpots were won across the country. The winning numbers for Rank 3 and Rank 5 after the Grand Lotto are 5 5 5 and 5 5 5 5 5 respectively.

It is worth noting that 5,966 first prizes were won in the fifth row, with a single bet bonus of 84,034 yuan and a total payout of 501,346,844 yuan. This also means that after the current lottery draw, the prize pool ranked 5 will be completely cleared again after January 7.

The customer service staff stated that the winning numbers of the 5-match game appear randomly, and the occurrence of “five in a row” is in compliance with the rules of the game. There is no human control or equipment program failure.

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