The woman was suddenly violently attacked while brushing her teeth, surprised with the identity of the “villain”

While the woman was brushing her teeth, she was suddenly attacked and submerged her head in a basin of water, although she was taken to the emergency room, but the victim did not survive.

On February 17, the police of Hon Quan district, Binh Phuoc province arrested Le Van Ga (45 years old, residing in Chau Binh commune, Giong Trom district, Ben Tre province, currently residing in Binh Phuoc province) to investigate behavior. “Killing”.

The victim is Ms. Nguyen Thi L. (39 years old, residing in Long Binh hamlet, Tan Quan commune, Hon Quan district).

SGGP Reportedly, early in the morning of the same day, Hon Quan District Police received a notification from the Health Center of Hon Quan District about Ms. Nguyen Thi L. being hospitalized and died with many wounds all over her body.

The police immediately got involved and determined that, in the past time, Ms. L. lived as husband and wife with Le Van Ga in Tan Quan commune. However, due to frequent conflicts, Ga moved out to live separately.

Around 4:00 p.m. on February 17, Ms. L was brushing her teeth in the bathroom when she was suddenly attacked by Ga with a weapon.

Sheet WHEN Reportedly, at the same time, Mr. Nguyen Khac Hung (SN 1992, sister Ly’s younger brother), in the house next door, heard Ms. Ly calling for help, immediately ran over and discovered that in the bathroom of Ms. Ly’s house, the lights were on, the sound was on. Ms. Lee’s cries in the bathroom.

Hung looked through the toilet ventilation door and discovered that Ga was holding Ly’s head and dipping it into the basin of water. Seeing that, Mr. Hung broke the door and Ga ran away. Hung took Ms. Ly to the emergency room, but Ms. Ly died.

Ga was arrested by Hon Quan District Police then while hiding in Long Binh hamlet, Tan Quan commune.

Arrested, Ga confessed that he had committed suicide by drinking pesticides, so the police quickly took him to the emergency room at the Health Center of Hon Quan District, then transferred to the General Hospital of Binh Phuoc Province for treatment.

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