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The women’s volleyball team has already received the application form for the two coaches’ election by the deadline on the 15th.

Original title: Women’s volleyball coach selection application deadline on the 15th, the volleyball association has received two coaches’ election application forms

On January 15, the application for the Chinese women’s volleyball team coach will close. In the past few days, there have been heated discussions around Lang Ping’s future successor. Several key candidates have surfaced, such as An Jiajie, Wang Baoquan, Cai Bin, etc. are all “old acquaintances” of the fans; in addition, some netizens suggested that Yuan Weimin, the former coach of the Chinese women’s volleyball team who won the third consecutive championship, came from the men’s volleyball team. The platoon’s champion coach Shen Qiong can also run.

Although Lang Ping stepped down as the head coach of the Chinese women’s volleyball team after the Tokyo Olympics, many fans still have expectations for her comeback. In addition, Lai Yawen and Chen Zhonghe are also popular candidates. However, with Lai Yawen becoming the deputy head of the selection work leadership group, and Lang Ping and Chen Zhonghe entering the expert group, the possibility of the three of them serving as coaches has been zero.

An Jiajie was once considered by the outside world as the most likely to take over Lang Ping’s handsome seal. He assisted Lang Ping as an assistant coach of the Chinese women’s volleyball team for 8 years. He has rich coaching experience, and has led the team to compete in international competitions many times. An Jiajie once led the Chinese women’s volleyball team to the 2017 Grand Champions Cup and won the championship with 5 wins. If An Jiajie leads the team, it may continue the Chinese women’s volleyball team’s play style and style when Lang Ping was coached.

The coaches of the 2021-2022 Volleyball Super League champion and runner-up teams – Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Coach Wang Baoquan and Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball Coach Cai Bin, can be described as the best women’s volleyball coaches in China, and their coaching ability is also the most recognized by the outside world. And the two had previous experience of coaching the national team, at least not “rookie-level” figures.

Wang Baoquan can be described as the godfather of Tianjin women’s volleyball team. In his coaching experience, he has won four championships in the National Games and twelve championships in the league. At present, the Tianjin women’s volleyball team has the most national players. Li Yingying, Yao Di and Wang Yuanyuan have all trained with Wang Baoquan for many years. Zhu Ting, Yuan Xinyue and Liu Yanhan have also represented Tianjin. The two national team rookies, Li Yingying and Wang Yuanyuan, were both selected and cultivated by Wang Baoquan, who is familiar with the situation of the national team. And Wang Baoquan’s “devil training” will help build a team that can endure hardship and have a tough style.

Wang Baoquan

The Jiangsu women’s volleyball team coached by Cai Bin is another giant team in the current Volleyball Super League. Although this season’s main focus is on the “rookie card”, the team still reached the final. In terms of coaching style, Cai Bin pays attention to technical details, seeks changeable tactics, and often gives targeted tactical guidance in a timely manner according to the situation on the field. He is also known as “Little Zhuge”. Cai Bin has always insisted on building an all-China class team and trained a group of outstanding players for the national team. The main players of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, Zhang Changning and Gong Xiangyu, are both his disciples in the Jiangsu team. In addition, Ni Feifan, a rising star of the free man, and Diao Linyu, a setter, were also regulars of the national team.

Cai Bin

It is reported that the Chinese Volleyball Association has received the election application form submitted by two coaches, namely Zhao Yong, the head coach of the Liaoning women’s volleyball team, and Zhang Jianzhang, the former head coach of the Beijing women’s volleyball team. Both are excellent women’s volleyball coaches in China. The Liaoning women’s volleyball team coached by Zhao Yong has performed well in recent seasons. In the 2021 Shaanxi National Games, the Liaoning women’s volleyball team defeated the Shanghai women’s volleyball team and won the third place; in the volleyball Super League that ended not long ago , the Liaoning women’s volleyball team also reached the semi-finals. Zhang Jianzhang created the best record in history in one cycle of coaching the Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team. First, he led the Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team to the third place in the 2017 National Games, and then in the 2018-2019 season, he led the Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team to win the league championship for the first time. In the 2019-2020 season, he once again brought the Beijing women’s volleyball team to the podium and won the joint third place.

Zhao Yong

However, whether Zhao Yong and Zhang Jianzhang’s coaching ability has reached the level of national team coaches is a matter of opinion. There are also voices who believe that although the Liaoning women’s volleyball team is a traditional strong team, it has sent outstanding national players such as Yang Hao, Wang Yimei, Ding Xia, Yan Ni, Hu Mingyuan to the national team, but Zhao Yong’s achievements in talent training are not outstanding. New seedlings emerge. And Zhang Jianzhang got the best result in history at that time, thanks to the fact that during his coaching years, the Beijing women’s volleyball team spent a lot of money to introduce strong foreign aid, plus the two national players Liu Xiaotong and Zeng Chunlei were in charge, so the results came to the fore. Since then, the Beijing women’s volleyball team has become a team that has never been connected, and no outstanding successors have been cultivated in almost all positions.

Zhang Jianzhang

The special status of the Chinese women’s volleyball team determines that its coach will bear enormous pressure from all sides. In particular, the women’s volleyball team is going through a slump, the team is facing the transition of old and new, and may not be able to achieve good results in a short period of time, and the task of the competition is very urgent, including the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, the 2022 World Championships, the 2023 World Cup and the 2024 Paris Olympics. .

Therefore, some netizens suggested that the Shanghai men’s volleyball coach Shen Qiong can also participate in the selection. “Shen Qiong has achieved outstanding results as a player and coach. She is young and aggressive, with strong learning ability, especially her ability to command on the spot. The men’s volleyball league championship competition is very impressive!”

The author believes that the candidates for the new coach either choose “old masters” with strong ability and deep qualifications to convince the public; or they simply change their minds and give young people more opportunities.Return to Sohu, see more


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