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In a zoo in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, mainland China, a monkey was discovered by tourists with its special appearance. It is quite interesting and interesting, because it has a face with a Chinese character, and the mane grows around the head shape, so that tourists can see it and find it. It looks familiar, and it is even questioned whether it has been retouched or synthesized into a national character face.

The monkey is also made into a stalk map, and the square face shape is quite playful. (Picture / Retrieved from Weibo)

A woman in a zoo in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, accidentally found a monkey with a special appearance. As soon as she saw it, she quickly took a picture of her mobile phone and posted it on the Internet to write that the monkey looked “slightly mature and stable”, and even looked familiar. When my friends saw it, they also thought that the monkey with the national character face looked very much like the “Grandpa Niu” in the mainland cartoon “Big Ear Tutu” with the “Shanghai version” Crayon Shin-chan.

The mainland media “Elephant News” interviewed the woman. She said that this is just a real monkey, and her face is a little bald. Facing netizens who think it may be a working student, she also said, “This monkey is not wearing a human. Leather mask, how can it be so small if it is disguised as a person?”.

Many netizens think that monkeys are like cartoon characters.  (Picture / Retrieved from Weibo)
Many netizens think that monkeys are like cartoon characters. (Picture / Retrieved from Weibo)

And this kind of monkey is called “Black-capped Monkey”. There is a thick black hair on the top of their head. It looks like wearing a black hat. It is the monkey with the most curly tail. It belongs to the primate Monkey family. It is an endangered species of wild animal, distributed in South America, habitually inhabiting humid tropical forests at an altitude of 2700 meters, and its staple food is fruits, seeds and insects.

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