There are already 1,148 large generators registered in Córdoba, but they are going for another 3,000 relieved

2023-06-02 16:09:40

The Environmental Protection Institute (IPA) has already obtained the registration of 1,148 large waste generators. These are businesses and industries throughout the city of Córdoba that generate significant volumes of waste and that must have their own waste management system, because the public system is reserved for household waste by ordinance.

Indeed, in December 2021, a modification was made to ordinance 11,228 that obliges large waste generators to pay for the collection of the waste they generate. “That is, the municipality, the neighbors, do not pay for this service,” they remarked from the IPA.

Large generators already registered generate 82,000 tons of solid urban waste per year, of which 34,000 correspond to wet waste and 48,000 to dry. This figure that the municipality does not collect from the city is equivalent to a month and a half of burial.

The regulations imposed by the Registry where businesses and industries must be registered allow regulating and verifying traceability, that is, the initial and final destination of Solid Urban Waste, in an effort to avoid dumping in clandestine or unauthorized places.

In addition to those registered, the IPA already has another 390 large generators in the registration process and has relieved and notified another 2,829 that it is believed should be registered and present their RSU management plans.

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