There are already 35 fatal victims of the explosion in Tasajera

The list of deaths due to the Tasajera tragedy continues to increase after the death of José Castillo Mejía and Kennin Gutiérrez Guerrero, who were injured after the explosion last Monday in Tasajera, was announced this Sunday.

Castillo Mejía and Gutiérrez Guerrero were treated at the Reina Catalina clinic in Barranquilla. With this case, there are already 12 patients who have died in the capital of the Atlantic

This death adds to five this Saturday, of which two were interned in Barranquilla, two in Valledupar and one in Bogotá, and the total balance of the incident is already 34.

Luis Manuel Marín Díaz, 17, and Keivis José Samper Ayala, 23, were in intensive care at the Athens Clinic in Barranquilla after suffering serious burns, but their lives were extinguished due to different failures in their bodies.

In addition, a 22-year-old man died at the Umhes Simón Bolivar in Bogotá. The patient was admitted in poor general conditions, presented multiple organ failure (cardiopulmonary and renal), SARS VOC 2 infection, according to a rapid test performed before his transfer. Already the High Complexity Clinic of the Caribbean, in Valledupar, had reported earlier this Saturday the death of another burned patient, who was identified as Deiner Alberto Samper Miranda, 38, who had 90% of the body surface compromised.

Deiner’s death in Valledupar occurred at 8:55 am this Saturday, in the medical center where he had been for five days, under medical care in the burn unit. At the closing of this edition, the death of Anyelo Pérez, 17, who died in the capital of Cesar was known. In Barranquilla, 10 of the 19 injured in the explosion have died, and they were taken to the city to receive care from a critical care unit in four health centers. In Baranoa, five other patients continue to be treated.

On the other hand, five of Tasajera’s wounded have died in Valledupar, out of a total of 13 that were sent from the area of ​​the tragedy. Patricia Pérez, manager of the Caribbean High Complexity Clinic in Valledupar.

The list of deceased is as follows:

Deceased in Santa Marta:

Carlos Ariza, 18 years old.

Adolfo León Carranza, 19 years old.

Deivis Andrés Carranza Ariza, 23 years old

Gustavo Torres Maldonado, 23 years old,

Álvaro Ariza, 21 years old

Wilmar Antonio Pardo Ayala, 41 years old.

Carlos Camargo, 22 years old

Carlos Ortíz Barcelón.

Deceased in Barranquilla:

Galdino José Gutiérrez Gómez, 44 years old

Jhoiner Pacheco Viloria, 20 years old

Jose Luis Castillo Sánchez, 29 years old

James Alberto Carbonó Mendoza, 21 years old

José Domingo Gómez Manga

Juan Carlos Guerrero Viloria, 33 years old

Joiner Maldonado Franco, 20 years old

Adalberto Díaz Ortiz, 23 years old

Luis Manuel Marín Díaz, 17 years old.

Keivis José Samper Ayala, 23 years old.

Jose Castillo Mejía

Kennin Gutiérrez Guerrero

Deceased in transfer to Valledupar

Osnaider Álvarez, 26 years old.

Deceased in Valledupar

Deibis José Ayala Niebles, 24 years old

Deiner Alberto Samper Miranda, 38 years old

Jesús David Núñez Rodríguez, 21,

Deceased in Bogotá:

Nelson Zabala Montoya, 32

César Robles Orozco, 35 years old.

To this list are added the seven people who were burned near the truck at the time of the explosion.


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