“There can be no impunity”: Monsalve announces lawsuit for “cowardly criminal” attack in Contulmo | National

“There can be no impunity, it cannot be allowed,” said the Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, after announcing a lawsuit for the armed and arson attack that left three injured this Monday in Contulmo, Bío Bío region. In the instance, the authority also referred to the difficulties that exist in the prosecution of these crimes, expressing willingness to collaborate, since it recognized that there is dissatisfaction with the results.

The Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalveannounced complaints from the Government after condemning the arson and armed attack this Monday in Contulmo, Bío Bío region.

The fact left three men wounded by firearms. All are stable, however, two of them will be transferred to hospitals in the province of Concepción, due to their injuries.

“This cannot be qualified except as a cowardly criminal act. Obviously, the Government, as it has said and reiterates today, repudiates the fact of violence as a tool in a democratic regime where there are institutional channels to express differences and demands”, he stated.

The undersecretary also indicated that “there is nothing that justifies the use of firearms, there is nothing that justifies setting fire to facilities, nor is there anything that justifies shooting people who are not armed, putting their lives at risk and affecting the security of the people from the commune, province and country.

Government will sue for attack in Contulmo

In the instance, Monsalve announced that the Ministry of the Interior will initiate legal action for the attack. “We are going to sue,” he confirmed.

“We want to reiterate the importance that the organizations, the people who make up the organizations that carry out criminal activity, are identified, arrested and punished,” he said.

Along these lines, the authority emphasized the criminal prosecution “of those who commit serious and cowardly crimes,” noting that as a government they are willing to collaborate with the Public Ministry.

“Neither the Government nor the country is satisfied with the results in criminal prosecution”

Asked by the press about whether or not the facts are terrorism, the undersecretary indicated that “it will be up to the Public Ministry to classify the crimes.”

Regarding the results in criminal matters, specifically in the South Macrozone, Monsalve started by reiterating that they want to collaborate to have better results.

“There can be no impunityimpunity cannot be allowed,” he said.

Asked again about his perception of the investigative results on crimes of violence, he launched: “Neither the Government nor the country is satisfied with the results in criminal prosecution.” However, he went on to explain that “That (happens) because there are objective difficulties in carrying out the persecution effectively and that is why the Government has expressed its willingness to collaborate”.

“Having results takes time. Regarding the arrest of Héctor Llaitul, it is an investigation that took almost 2 and a half years… criminal prosecution is not something that has results in a week or a month”, he specified.

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