These are the 5 best hams in the world

What characteristics should they have? hams to be among the best in the world? The first thing you should know is that their qualities must make them unique and easy to distinguish from the rest. To be within this category, it is also necessary to evaluate the production process that necessarily includes the pig feed where these pieces of delicious flavor and incomparable aroma come from. The healing time it is also essential for the ham to acquire an enormous level of quality.

But now that you are clear about the characteristics of a good ham, we want to introduce you to the best 5 hams in the world that you can find in any specialized store, often at a good price. The Iberian Ham is one of them and we tell you this because we know that it is one of those that has gained the greatest positive reputation in recent years.

The 5 best hams in the world that you can enjoy in Spain

If you are a lover of hams, you surely know what we are talking about. But for those who want to soak up the subject a little more, we present a complete list of the best hams that can be found in delicatessens.

1. Belloterra

There is no doubt that it is one of the best Iberian hams in Spain and around the world, awarded the prestigious prize Great Taste Awards. It is a product from the region of Los Pedroches Valley, right in the region of córdoba, where the optimal conditions are presented for the breeding of the Belloterra pig, which is where this product comes from. This ham has gained a positive reputation for the sweet touch of its flavor that has appealed to so many palates.

2. Montesierra

In Jerez de la Frontera (province of Cádoz) there is one of the companies where they produce hams of unbeatable quality. This company is known as Montesierra, which has been on the market since the 19th century. Its owners have been raising pigs in the region of Jabugo, where it is believed that the best animals are for the manufacture of quality sausage products. This firm is recognized nationally and internationally, mainly for its experience in the market and for its ability to produce extraordinary hams to taste.

3. Majada Pedroche

Pedroche Sheep is a company located in the province of Córdoba, which has directed the efforts of four decades in the production of exceptional pieces of ham. It is considered one of the highest quality brands, which can be verified through the Protected Designation of Origin of Los Pedroches. In this company they work with 50% and 100% Iberian pig breeds that allow the production of shoulders and hams of incredible quality. The company also produces other products such as chorizos, loins and sausages.

4. Nieto Martin

Products developed by the company Nieto Martin They are considered one of the best in Spain and the world. Since it was founded a little over 100 years ago, they have reached optimal quality levels, which is why their hams, shoulders and other sausages have become one of the favorites at home. Its healing and production processes include traditional and technological mechanisms. But the best thing about the firm is that it is located right in the Guijuelo region, one of the places where Iberian hams are best made in Spain.

5. Five Jacks

Five Jacks It has been considered one of the top 5 most important Iberian ham brands so far. Located in the Huelva region, it offers its customers quality products. Their pigs are raised outdoors in areas of Jabugo, where the conditions are climatic and natural important for its optimal development. These animals feed autonomously and on their own from two months to a year and a half. consume herbs, mushrooms, roots and nuts during his time of freedom. But during the montanera season they only eat acorns. This combination makes the hams from these pigs exceptionally delicious.

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