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There are approximately 7,000 million voice notes that users produce daily through , as revealed by the same instant messaging system. That is to say that each of the 2,200 million users of the application sends 3.18 daily audios.

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Some communicate exclusively using this tool arguing that it is easier to communicate this way and others say they do not like receiving audio.

Jo Bryant is an English woman expert in etiquette and gives a series of tips to improve the quality of the conversation using this tool, while improving the comfort of the recipient of voice messages.

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The advices

1. Consider the duration: it is better not to overwhelm the recipient of the voice notes. For this reason, the recommended length of an audio is between 1 and 2 minutes, although, if the duration exceeds the recommended time, there is always the option to play at different speeds and that has been installed in one of the latest WhatsApp updates.

2. Split the message: In case what has to be said is very long, it is better to divide the content into parts. In this way, the order and time in which he can respond to the message is left to the recipient’s choice. In addition, it can give greater clarity and order when answering questions, especially when they are numerous.

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3. Hear it in the right place: Playing at full volume in a public place may annoy people around you, and the sent message may contain private or sensitive content. For this reason, it is advisable to listen to the audio at low volume, or alternatively, put the cell phone to your ear as if you were having a telephone conversation, in this way the application will automatically play the message with low volume.

4. Ask few questions by audio: In this way, the person with whom you are speaking will be able to respond in order and will reduce the chances that any question will remain unresolved.

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5. Reciprocate: A two-way conversation is best, so if they send you voice messages, try to reply using the same method, as long as you are comfortable with it and have the opportunity to do so.

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