These literary shows that the Germans envy us

This German journalist watched the episode of The Great Bookstore devoted to the Duhamel affair. He praises the quality of literary broadcasts on French television. They are “The pride of France”, was it titled in the original version. Across the Rhine, the cultural offer is rare and often hidden in the middle of the night.

In mid-January, François Busnel received Camille Kouchner on the set of The Great Bookstore. The book [La Familia grande, éd. du Seuil] in which she reveals the sexual assaults committed by her father-in-law, political scientist Olivier Duhamel, on her brother, has been causing turmoil in France for weeks. The audience was there, The Great Bookstore – broadcast at prime time on France 5 – is the first literary program on French television.

This does not take the simple wave of a magic wand, because, after the publication of Camille Kouchner’s book, it is with a whole generation of intellectuals that we settle accounts. This evening, it’s not just about talking about a book but also about describing the environment in which, for decades, sexual assault has been justified as the expression of a hedonistic culture. , libertarian and tacitly accepted.

In France, books taken seriously

François Busnel, who asks intelligent and insightful questions, extends literary criticism to this societal analysis and underlines the relevance of Camille Kouchner’s book. Specialists are also invited to speak. Philosopher Marc Crépon describes the inability of a generation of powerful and influential intellectuals like Olivier Duhamel to even conceive of their sexual assaults as offenses. Then, the lawyer Marie-Pierre Porchy and the psychologist Muriel Salmona recount the explosion that Camille Kouchner’s book caused in the anterooms of the French elites.

This way of presenting literature, discussing and examining it, shows the importance that literary life still occupies in France. It is also a way of taking literature seriously and revealing what is relevant to a society.

In Germany, literature relegated to “a niche”

Let us indulge in a little exercise in the imagination: how would this book have been talked about in Germany on a public service channel? Would he have been screened by the show The Literary quartet [un célèbre programme animé par un quatuor de critiques littéraires, diffusé de 1988 à 2001 et relancé en 2015] at the end of which all the guests would have been invited to vote to say if they had liked the work? Or [le présentateur et critique] Denis Scheck, tricolor tie around his neck, would he have interviewed Camille Kouchner in France in front of the Center Pompidou and in


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