These Samsung headphones have top noise cancellation and 30 hours of battery life

2024-01-26 21:31:57

Enjoy Samsung audio quality for little money with these headphones ideal for everyday use

These Samsung headphones plummet well below 100 euros thanks to this offer // Image: Samsung

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They have only been on the market for a few months, but it is now possible buy the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE for 40-50 euros less. These Samsung wireless headphones are ideal for everyday use, as they offer you good sound quality, top noise cancellation and 30 hours of battery life for much less than 100 euros. Specifically, you can buy the Galaxy Buds FE for about 70 euros on Amazona store where they are practically always on sale.

These headphones are the cheapest in the entire Samsung catalog, with an original price of 109 euros. If we add the approximately 50 euros discount that they usually have on Amazon, we confirm that they are a great option for enjoy Samsung quality for little money. You can also buy them in PcComponentes, and MediaMarkt y in El Corte Inglésbut here they are usually around 90 euros.

These Samsung Galaxy Buds FE ensure you a good experience in every way. You can use them to listen to music and podcasts, to watch series or to catch up on WhatsApp audios, always with good quality and comfort. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you will receive them in a very short time without paying shipping.

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE

Samsung wireless headphones for just over 70 euros

The Samsung Galaxy Buds FE are very complete cheap headphones for everyday use. First of all, because with them you can enjoy a good sound quality when playing music, podcasts, video games, movies, voice memos, etc. You will appreciate every detail of the audio, with special emphasis on bass tones. In short, you will hear well any audio you play.

The purchase of these headphones is also worth it for the very good active noise cancellation what are you offering. When you enable this technology, the noise around you will completely disappear, which will allow you to listen to the audio without distractions. This tool is especially useful at certain times, for example, when you are traveling by public transport or are in a shopping center with a large influx of people.

When you do want to find out what is happening around you, all you have to do is activate the ambient sound mode. All these functions can be activated directly from the headphones themselves, as they equip touch controls in the outer area. In addition, with these controls you can also skip the song, stop playback or accept an incoming call, all without having to take your phone out of your pocket or go near the computer.

As we have mentioned, we are looking at wireless headphones, that is, they use Bluetooth connectivity to connect to other devices. Therefore, you can connect them to your smartphone, your tablet or your smart TV without disturbing cables. By the way, these Samsung Galaxy Buds FE mount 6 microphones in totalso you can also use them to talking on phone record audio clearly.

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE

The finishing touch is put by the extensive autonomy of these Samsung headphones. If you use them with noise cancellation, you can listen to music for 6 hours straight and for 21 hours in total with the help of the case. The autonomy increases if you do without cancellation: 8.5 hours in a row and 30 hours in total with the additional charges of the case. Therefore, rest assured that you can use them for several days before using the charger.

The summary is that the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE are some of the best Samsung wireless headphones that you can buy, with the particularity that they are yours for about 70 euros on Amazon. You can also buy them in the official Samsung storebut here they don’t usually move beyond the starting price of 109 euros.

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