They affirm that for Massa, the run on the dollar “has a black hand behind it trying to destabilize his candidacy”

2023-07-28 16:55:07

The International Monetary Fund confirmed this Friday, July 28, that it reached an agreement with Argentina and that it will make a disbursement of US$7.5 billion next month. To find out how this announcement will impact the local market and the expectations of the Government, Channel E spoke with the journalist Ariel Maciel.

One of the issues that worries the ruling party the most is that in the last few hours “There began to be remarks about the increases in the blue dollar in some suburban neighborhoods“, indicated the journalist. This is because “uncertainty is what prevailed in the markets.” “There was a lot of expectation about what was the last meeting of the Fund’s board of directors.”

Regarding the debt maturities with the Fund, Maciel asserted that “it is what Sergio Massa was working on because in addition to paying this, he is in negative net reserves and that generates strong concern throughout the market.” He then added: “There we are seeing this instability and this bullfight that for Massa has a black hand behind it trying to destabilize his presidential candidacy”

The inmates of the Monetary Fund

On the other hand, the interviewee asserted that there are internal concerns in the International Monetary Fund regarding the agreements entered into with Argentina, but for a geopolitical issue, “The United States is the one most interested in getting this deal done.” In addition, “the one that is closest to Argentina is Germany.”

The jump in the blue and its impact on inflation

In addition, inflation is a concern for the Government, which is why Maciel said that, “We know that what is highlighted does not go back” And because of that “On Sunday, when the technical agreement was announced, it was done to calm the dollar, which happened formally but not in the informal market.“. “There is the big problem that Sergio Massa has”, he explained.

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