Signature of a memorandum of understanding on medical biology for the years 2024 to 2026

2023-07-28 10:58:53

Aurélien Rousseau, Minister of Health and Prevention, welcomes the signing of several structuring agreements between Health Insurance and liberal professionals which testify to the dynamics of conventional dialogue, particularly oriented towards prevention.

Health Insurance, on the mandate of the Minister of Health and Prevention and on the basis of the guidelines of the UNCAM Council, has concluded in recent months several important agreements with liberal health professionals to improve access care and increase the attractiveness of these professions in an inflationary context.

Eight agreements have thus been concluded since the beginning of the year with the unions representing the 99,000 nurses, the 73,000 masseurs-physiotherapists, the 35,000 dental surgeons, the 20,000 speech therapists, the 12,000 podiatrists-podiatrists, the 7 000 midwives, 3,000 orthoptists, more than 4,000 medical biology laboratories and 5,300 medical transport companies. These agreements are accompanied by structuring measures reaffirming the major role of liberal professionals in the deployment of public health and prevention actions, as for masseurs-physiotherapists or midwives.

At the same time, the new agreement with dentists, signed less than a week ago, also has ambitious objectives, in particular to build a new generation without cavities and develop the 100% healthy offer. A final agreement, pursuing similar objectives, has just been signed with representatives of liberal biologists.

On the basis of the mandate that had been defined by François Braun, the National Union of Health Insurance Funds and the representatives of biologists signed on July 27, 2023, a memorandum of understanding setting for the years 2024 to 2026 an economic trajectory clear for the sector, accompanied by measures in favor of prevention and early access to innovation. For the first time, this protocol contains guarantees relating to access to medical biology laboratories and the promotion of environmental criteria in the context of laboratory practice.

This protocol, in line with the previous ones, defines a growth trajectory for expenditure limited to 0.4% per year between 2024 and 2026, which will be guaranteed by risk management measures and tariff adjustments defined jointly with the unions.

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At the same time, an envelope of €150 million dedicated to the financing of innovative and new procedures will be protected and the deadlines for registration in the nomenclature of biological procedures will be tightened in order to guarantee rapid access to these procedures for the population.

Similarly, preventive measures accessible directly from laboratories, such as a set of tests for sexually transmitted infections, will soon benefit from specific management to encourage them to be carried out.

The Minister of Health and Prevention wishes to open, from the start of the school year, a consultation with biologists around the longer-term developments in their discipline. These exchanges will discuss in particular the place of the profession within the health system to develop prevention, access to care and determine the new missions that might be entrusted to them to improve the course of care and the overall care of the insured.

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