They carry out work for a new transmission line in Hernandarias

Assumption, IP.- Technical officials from the National Electricity Administration (ANDE) carry out the commissioning of the electromechanical equipment of the 66 KV yard, as well as the control system of the Hernandarias Industrial Park Station for the output of a new transmission line, which will link this with the Substation.

The work that is being carried out by technical officials of the institution consists of measurements of the switches and disconnectors of the 66 KV yard for the connection of the new transmission line that will arrive at the Hernandarias substation, as well as the commissioning of the entire 66 KV yard position protection and control system; In addition, the necessary adjustments to the substation are carried out in parallel, in order to improve the electrical service in the areas of influence.

On the other hand, work continues at the Hernandarias Industrial Park Station, which refers to automation and control (Scada), remote command of the maneuvering equipment and the link communication system between the Transformer Station (ES) and the National Cargo Dispatch, as well as with the Eastern Regional Operation Center, in charge of the Telematics Directorate.

To enable the new 66 KV line that will interconnect the Hernandarias Industrial Park Station with the Hernandarias Substation, the energization of the 66 KV bus in the former is planned. The construction work on the 17-kilometer section of the line is also in the final stage.

Currently, the Hernandarias Industrial Park Station is located on the derivation of one of the Transmission Lines that leaves the Itaipú Hydroelectric Power Plant with reach to Itakyry- Carayaó and that feeds a 41.67MVA power transformer of 220/23 KV and a bank of 75 MVA 220/66 KV transformers. For the completion of the work the sectioning of said line with one entry and another exit position is envisaged.

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2024-04-23 03:15:24

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