They kidnapped a baby in the CHET

An approximately 35-year-old woman allegedly kidnapped a two-month-old baby alone from the facilities of the “Doctor Enrique Tejera” Hospital City in Valencia, in the state of Carabobo.

This woman is accused of kidnapping a two-month-old girl

The identity of the female has not been revealed by the police authorities; it was learned that all the police stations and military posts in that region have a photograph of the woman provided by the mother who was the victim of this act.

According to the version of the abduction, the mother of the baby went to the CHET to carry out a medical evaluation of her daughter.

At the important health center, the girl was accompanied by a “friend”, who would take care of the infant while the mother carried out the laboratory and registration procedures.

According to reports, to avoid exposing the infant inside the hospital, the mother’s “friend” told her to go in to get the tests, while she stayed to take care of the girl.

The young woman entered without thinking that it would be the last time she would see her daughter.

When he came out they were not in the place where he left them. She asked several people and none of them gave positive answers.

The mother, in the midst of desperation, repeatedly called her “friend” with her cell phone, but never answered. She also blocked her from WhatsApp.

The victim immediately notified the police, so a tracking device was activated by the hospital and surrounding areas. The young woman gave all the details, stating that all the baby’s original documents were inside the diaper bag.

She also said that her “friend” had insistently told her in recent days that she would soon leave the country, that it would surprise everyone when they found out about her unexpected trip.

Due to the mother’s statements, the search was expanded; the novelty reached the Airport International Arturo Michelena, in the Industrial Zone, and in the Valencia terminal, Big Long Center; they placed the photo of the woman to prevent her from leaving the country.

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