They leave a message on a post it to an applicant MIR

Almost hours after MIR exam, encouragement and words of support for future residents can be of great help so that this important day goes well for them. Even if these come from anonymous or unknown people, like the one left to an aspiring doctor for the test this Saturday, January 29.

“Go back to the library after lunch and find this. There are amazing people in the world“, expresses Paula from her Twitter profile, where she has shared the letter. “I hope everything goes wonderfully for you too and that you know that, with constancy, one lives with clear conscience even if things don’t always go as we would like“, adds the doctor, who details Medical Writing that although she is very nervous, she has I really want to take the exam.

In the postit that this unknown boy left for her on the table where she was studying, it can be read how he wishes her luck in the test. “I’m the guy from across the street and I’m not going back anymore because I study abroad. I wanted to tell you that I really admire your perseverance. Good luck with what you have left and good luck in the MIR“.

The social network is flooded with messages of encouragement to the MIR

Although Paula did not expect it to have such an impact, the note to this medical has caused a sensation on the social network with almost 24,000 likes. “Come out as it comes out MIR exam, at least you take away a little faith in the humanity of this experience, which is not little”, expresses a resident in Pediatrics. “What a simple and beautiful gesture at the same time,” adds a user.

“I love people who don’t know you and give you a “hello”, a smile on the street or a nice gesture. They are people with light who make the routine more beautiful”, says a nurse.

It is not the only message of encouragement that an opponent has received few hours before the exam. Estefanía has excitedly shared the gift that her best friends have given her. “The MIR’s key and of life in general is to look for people around you who are worthwhile. They are my best cushion for when I fall and they are my best wings when I fly again. Always by my side enduring any downpour without asking for anything in return,” says the doctor on her Twitter profile.

“I’m out of a horrible watch. But I wanted to wish the best to those of you who show up for the ME morning. The preparation for the MIR is a particular hell that we all go through as best we can. And today ends for you”, expresses a resident of Obstetrics and Gynecology. “Good luck to all of you who examine yourselves tomorrow. Courage, there is little left, think that it is one more day, and in the end, so much effort for almost 2 years will be worth it,” adds another doctor.

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