They made a collection pipe against South Korea

Neymar was unable to prevent Kim Moon-hwan from passing the ball between his legs (Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images)

Neymar He is very used to doing evil to his rivals. That has been the essence of him for as long as we’ve known him. But Qatar 2022 It provided the opportunity to see an unprecedented event: a monumental pipe was eaten. The magician fell victim to an act of magic that he has performed so many times on the defenders who busily try to take the ball from him.

The game was already more than won for Tite’s team, but South Korea wanted to lose with nobility and not only went with everything to look for the discount goal, They also took advantage of their last World Cup moments in Qatar to draw a scene that will be remembered forever.and. It was all the defender’s doing Kim Moon-hwan, who had the ball on the right flank and felt Neymar’s pressure behind him. It seemed that he could lose the ball, but he improvised and managed to get the ball through the legs of the Brazilian number 10. He will have to keep that play forever in his memory and to tell it for the rest of his days to friends, family, acquaintances and strangers.

In the end, the star came off the substitution minutes after the play, to rest him after the injury that kept him from being in the last two group stage games. He left with the pleasure of having scored an impeccable penalty and of collaborating decisively for the triumph of Brazil, stronger team than before and that already has Croatia on the horizon as a rival in the Quarterfinals.

But Neymar, despite the lights that accompanied him today, will not be able to escape the irony either: a defender did the trick that he has tired of applying, a spoonful of his own chocolate. Nobody is hurt by a dose from time to time, he will have time to take his revenge with whoever he leaves.


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