They prepare brigades for community education

The National Council for Educational Development trains future Community Educational Leaders who will support the education of the 2,022 children in preschool, primary and secondary school in the 130 remote communities in the state, informed the institution’s delegate, Ana Carmen Martínez Ávila.
The representative of Conafe in the entity reported that it has already started the face-to-face training with the support of four venues: the Technological University of Calvillo, the Rincón de Romos Normal School, the Federal Superior Normal School and the CRENA, who lend their spaces for the training in small groups of a maximum of 10 students per classroom, although later it will be switched to the online mode to be hybrid due to the pandemic theme.
He pointed out that, as part of his training, from August 9 to 13 there will be an Internship Week where young people will have field work and in addition to taking advantage of it to sanitize classrooms with the support of the Community Leaders themselves and the parents of family.
He explained that to date they have 160 children out of a total of 194 who need to meet the demand for the next school year that begins on August 30. He indicated that those who wish to be community instructors must meet certain requirements such as an age of 18 to 35 years, have finished secondary school, be in high school or university studying the last semesters of their careers or even Normal School.
He commented that Conafe offers young people monthly financial support for community service of 3,748 pesos and a scholarship for 30 months at the end of the cycle of 1,020 pesos and if they decide to stay another cycle at the end of their second year The scholarship would be for 60 months, in addition to medical insurance, equipment and a cell phone to make it easier for them to carry out all the activities for the children. “We invite you to be part of Conafe, it is a very noble experience, together with the people of the community, dealing with these children, they are very grateful communities. More information on our Facebook page which is CONAFE Ags ”.

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