They rule a lack of merit in favor of a woman accused of swindling with fake concert tickets – 2024-04-16 23:31:33


They rule a lack of merit in favor of a woman accused of swindling with fake concert tickets

The accused would have defrauded a person of Q.30 thousand, after selling them fake tickets to an international concert.

The woman was identified after her scam was associated with the sale of fake tickets for Karol G’s concert in Guatemala. (Free Press Photo: Óscar Vásquez)

According to information issued by the Public Ministry (MP), a Chiquimula judge ruled that there was no merit in favor of a woman accused of defrauding people with the sale of false tickets to concerts by international artists.

The 28-year-old woman, named “María N”, was captured on April 12, after an investigation that the MP initiated following several complaints that occurred during the singer Karol G’s concerts in the country.

At the time, the National Civil Police (PNC) stated on its Facebook account that the captured woman was “allegedly responsible for scams for the sale of false tickets for a concert by international singers.”

The 28-year-old woman was captured in the El Paraíso 107 hamlet on the route to the village of El Naranjo, in Petén, while she was traveling in a pick-up truck. The arrest was made eight days after the MP received five complaints made by citizens who claimed to have been victims of scams.

Following up on the complaints and arrest, the Fiscal Agency of the San José La Arada municipality, Chiquimula, announced on April 13 that “María N” was allegedly responsible for defrauding a person of Q.30 thousand, derived from selling tickets for a concert in January of this year.

“After her arrest, she was informed of the reason for her arrest and was subsequently referred and placed at the disposal of the Pluripersonal Court of First Instance for Criminal, Narcoactivity and Crimes against the Environment of Chiquimula,” the MP announced.

However, during the early hours of April 13, the first statement hearing was held in which a lack of merit was ruled in favor of the woman.

The Public Ministry announced the fact and highlighted the judge’s decision, despite the fact that the seizure of the defendant’s vehicles had already been authorized as a precautionary measure.

“By virtue of the above, the prosecutor’s office will use the corresponding recursive route and present the appeal that corresponds by law,” the MP reported.

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