they steal a car then overthrow a security guard in front of the Petit Bourgogne hospital in Cointe

This Thursday afternoon, two people stole a vehicle from the Bayard convenience store on rue Dieudonné Defrance in Bressoux. A little later, the Liège police spotted this reported stolen vehicle and tried to intercept it. But at the sight of the police, the driver accelerates and flees by burning several red lights and taking a street in the opposite direction in particular. He then finds himself facing a PAB vehicle, which does not stop him. The stolen vehicle collided with that of the PAB and managed to continue on its way.

Finally, this vehicle voluntarily hit a security officer who was trying to bring patients into the Petit Bourgogne psychiatric hospital on rue Professor Mahaim in Cointe before being definitively blocked by the Liège police. The guard, slightly injured, suffered a few days of incapacity for work.

The driver, aged 34, is an illegal resident and is already known to the police. The 23-year-old passenger in the vehicle has already been convicted of selling narcotics. Both were deprived of their freedom and referred this Friday morning to the Liège prosecutor’s office. The file was put under investigation with a request for arrest warrants for attempted murder of the security guard, malicious obstruction of traffic and armed rebellion with the vehicle.

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