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Thielle (NE) – Fans of last-second braking will pay dearly

A new fixed speed camera is born on the outskirts of the A5 motorway. This was installed at the height of the entrance ramp, Lausanne road, of the Thielle interchange (BORN). This cookie was square in an area where the speed is limited to 40 km / h. It is located just before two curves that allow access to thehighway, direction Neuchâtel and Lausanne.

Until today, many motorists circulto theent on this section at a speed greater than that authorized, braking at the last second to take the first curve. According to the Federal Roads Office (Owoman), no less than 22 accidents have occurred in these bends in two years, the main cause being excessive speeds during adverse weather conditions (rain, snow, etc.).

In office since Monday, theThe new speed camera is indicated to users by a sign located a little upstream of the metal box. To management is of the responsibility of the pNeuchâtel cantonal office.

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