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[Now Sports]7:0, let you estimate thousands of times and you may not be right. It may also be the happiest time you have seen Manchester United lose in this life. The winner of the double red will be the winner and the loser the loser. What does such a big contrast represent? Will it become a watershed for the development of the two teams for the rest of the season?
Written by: Ball Thirteen

Manchester United shop clean bag?

In the past week, the Manchester United fans have not finished winning the English League Cup for their love team. In the middle, they defeated West Ham in the FA Cup and made a strong attack on Yan Feilu. The performance of the Fed Cup is like two teams, those who don’t know may think that there are A team and B team respectively. Clear the bag? It’s not enough, it’s impossible to wipe out the effect of Sun Tanxia’s leadership of the whole team in one wave, but as the critics pointed out after the game, Manchester United’s petals are not good, including the lack of concentration of the players and the inability of Anthony’s cross. Even Casmelo, who has received positive reviews after joining, has been lost one after another… Simply put, Tanxia still has too much to insist on.

Head scars, Tan Xia originally thought that the top 4 would be relatively stable, and she would strive to become a cup champion. She may have reservations about her home lineup. I wonder if Lee Kee will come up?

Liverpool coming back?

The team leader Gao Pu said that the key to this victory is to confirm Liverpool’s “middle position” (the ranks of the strong team). Many people think that after Sadio Vinnie left, the team’s strength is weak. Everyone knows the victory of this game Although Shana, who has been promoted to the top scorer in the history of the Red Army, is as brave as ever, Dayun Niunis and Jiabao have both won and competed, as expected by the “New Iron Triangle”. The Red Army scored 7 of 18 shots and 8 hits in the frame. One wave made their goals (47 goals in 25 games) jump to third place, second only to the top duo Arsenal (59 goals). goals) with Manchester City (66 goals).

Famous Saunas said that when Liverpool and Manchester City played at the highest level, it was like playing against one more opponent, and this time the second half was just right. After this battle, I believe that even Real Madrid (the first round of the Europa League round of 16 wins Liverpool 5:2 as a guest) dare not take it lightly. As for the Red Army, they will definitely focus on the top 4 with all their might, and they will “pass three hurdles” (consecutive battles against Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal) at the beginning of next month with confidence.

Written by: Ball Thirteen
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