“This ends with her leaving him”

The arrival of Wanda Nara to Argentinaaccompanied by her children, but without her husband, Mauro Icardi, turned on the version of crisis in the couple. To the point that Mariana Brey launched a very strong prediction about the marriage.

“Wanda charges Icardi one by one”, The panelist from Show Partnersafter suffering the loyalty of the soccer player of the PSG with the China Suarez.

Then, and with great conviction, Brey assured: “I see the future and this ends with Wanda leaving Icardi for another. She is looking for another“.

“I see an attitude of a single mine, that free (free). In the stories that she uploads (to Instagram), she talks about freedom, that she is alone. And she’s not stupid at anything she does. Everything has a meaning,” concluded Mariana.


Agreeing with his colleague and remembering the video that went viral, from a friend of Zaira Nara kissing her breasts Wanda, Karina Iavicoli expressed without filters.

“In the chauvinistic, archaic world, in which she moves, which is that of soccer, kissing her breasts is like ‘these boobs are not yours'”said the panelist, without euphemisms, and warning Mauro Icardi about Wanda Nara.

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