Morocco presents itself as a model of energy transition (Forbes)

Morocco aims to become a ” destination for renewable energy, writes the prestigious Forbes magazine, stressing that the Kingdom intends to inspire other countries to ensure the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

In an article by Llewellyn King, the American media indicates that the Moroccan Sahara region has ” huge land and lots of sunshine, making it an attractive place to install mega solar power plants, and that’s exactly what the Kingdom of Morocco is doing”.

To these potentialities are added substantial wind resources in the interior of the country and on the coasts, notes the author of the article, noting that Morocco seems ready to realize its stated ambition to not only satisfy its own needs, but also become a regional exporter to North Africa and Europe.

Now, the Kingdom has a total installed generation capacity of about 11,000 MW, including 4,030 MW of renewable energies, he said, adding that an additional 4,516 MW of renewable energies are under construction or planned.

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Quoting the Minister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, Leila Benali, the American magazine points out that Morocco could export more of its electricity from renewable energies to Spain, Portugal and even the United Kingdom. , noting that currently there are two electrical interconnections with Europe and a third is planned.

The capacity of the interconnections is 1,400 MW and electricity flows in both directions, depending on production and market conditions in Europe and Morocco”, still notes the author of the article.

And to note that once completed, the Noor Ouarzazate complex will be one of the largest solar energy production facilities in the world, covering more than 6,000 acres (about 2,430 ha).

Currently, the complex consists of three separate power stations known as Noor I (160 MW), Noor II (200 MW) and Noor III (150 MW), the magazine said, adding that a fourth power plant, Noor IV (72 MW), is planned. “We can expect other large solar stations elsewhere,” he continues.

The American media notes that the Moroccan government is committed to providing electricity to 100% of the population, against 99.4% today.

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