This is how Dua Lipa lived the earthquake this morning in CDMX

Dua Lipa was surprised by the 6.9 earthquake that woke up the capital’s population at dawn on September 22. (Video: Twitter/@God_Father)

Just hours after his concert at the Foro Sol ended, Dua Lipa she was surprised by him magnitude 6.9 earthquakewith an epicenter in Coalcomán, Michoacán, which alerted the central area of ​​the country.

It was at the point of 1:16 a.m. on September 22 when the telluric movement woke up a large part of the population due to the activation of seismic alerts. Minutes after the incident was registered, hundreds of users on Twitter began to ask how the singer from the United Kingdom would be.

Unexpectedly, they had an answer almost immediately, as the user @Dios_Padre published a video of the Dua Lipa’s first reactions before the earthquake that was noticeable in Mexico City and other states such as Jalisco and Colima.

In the recording of just 16 seconds, you can see how the singer was confused by the situation, but at no time did she lose her calm before the tremor. In addition, she was surrounded by her bodyguard group who kept abreast of any possible eventuality generated by the movement.

According to some users, Dua Lipa was in the after party of his concert at Foro Sol, attended by more than 60 thousand peoplewhen the seismic alert and the tremor interrupted the celebration.

Although at times the music stopped in the nightclub of the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office where the artist was, minutes later the celebration continued without major inconvenience.

It should be noted that Dua Lipa arrived in the Mexican capital precisely on September 19, hours after the magnitude 7.7 earthquake that has caused various damages, mainly in states such as Colima and Michoacán.

In social networks, a large number of fans pointed out that experiencing a tremor in CDMX was surely not in the plans contemplated within their Future Nostalgia Tour. Due to this, ironic memes and comments began to flood digital platforms.

“Weeey, what a shame with Dua Lipa, she is no longer going to return to Mexico”, “Dua Lipa’s diary: not doing concerts in Mexico in September” and “Have they already given Dua Lipa her bolillo?” were some comments from Internet users who joked about the unusual experience of the interpreter of Levitating in the capital.

Some people even joked about it and proposed to rename the British singer as Dua Lupita and started using the hashtag #DuaLupita which quickly became a national trend.

In addition to Dua Lipa’s reaction to the tremor this morning, some Internet users highlighted that she was not only accompanied by her protection body, but that she was also at the party. Aaron Piperthe Spanish actor who rose to fame for his role in the series Elite the Netflix.

For a few months they had already been seen together dancing and having a good time at a party in Spain, which aroused the suspicion of a possible love relationship Between both.

After seeing that Piper accompanied Dua Lipa after her concert at the Foro Sol, some Twitter users pointed out that her presence could confirm the alleged romance, since there have already been several occasions in which the cameras have captured them together.


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