This is how Luis Miguel ASKED Andrés García if he was his REAL dad | VIDEO

Great concern has caused the state of health of Andrés Garcíawho recently had to be treated in the hospital because he suffered a heavy fall, however, he can also be seen depressed, as he assures that he is near the end of his life, given this, many wonder if who were his great friends will come to him to support him, such is the case with Luis Miguelwho was even rumored to be his son, but it was the actor himself who revealed what the moment was like when the singer I ask if it was his real dad.

Since the career of Luis Miguelit was speculated if he was actually a biological son Andrés GarcíaWell, the actor was a close friend of the family and his relationship with them reached such a level that he even gave them a house when they had financial problems.

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