This is how replenishment of American weapons can reach the battlefield in Ukraine

The House of Representatives voted just before the weekend to grant $61 billion in arms support to Ukraine. That’s more than the total of $44 billion allocated since the 2022 invasion.

But not all of the support goes directly to Ukraine. Just under a third of the package, 23 billion dollars, will replenish American stocks. Another $11 billion will fund current US military operations in the region, as well as intelligence cooperation with Ukraine.

The funding from the US was used up in December. In a political game, support for Ukraine was tied up with support for Israel and initially also measures on the American border with Mexico. The package passed on Friday must be approved by the Senate before weapons can be sent.

Can lose the war this year without refills

Lack of weapons and ammunition has given the Russian forces the initiative. According to the Americans, it is urgent to get weapons, ammunition and equipment.

– Without replenishment of new equipment from the United States, Ukraine may lose the war against Russia during the year, stated CIA director Bill Burns before the hearing in Congress, according to the AP news agency.

Press spokesman for the Pentagon, Pat Ryder, emphasizes that the US wants to speed up the deliveries to the level needed for Ukraine to succeed in winning the war.

Very robust logistics

President Volodymyr Zelenskyj says he is grateful for a decision that keeps history on the right track.

– The support from the USA will prevent the war from expanding, save thousands of lives and help both our countries become stronger, writes the president on X.

President Joe Biden states that he will sign the package “immediately”.

– If the president approves, we have very robust logistics that enable us to move the material very quickly, says press spokesman Pat Ryder.

The Pentagon has had equipment ready for many months, but a lack of money has meant that it has not ended up in Ukraine. In December, the Pentagon was $10 billion short because it will cost more now to replace the systems sent to Ukraine.

There has been no guarantee that the stockpiles would be replenished as weapons are shipped. That is why the frequent aid packages to Ukraine have dried up.

Can get equipment in place within days

There are two ways an aid package to Ukraine can be handled. Either by a presidential authorization that allows the military to immediately retrieve resources from stockpiles, or long-term contracts with the arms industry to produce materials for Ukraine.

Use of presidential authorization has allowed the military to send billions of dollars worth of ammunition, anti-aircraft missiles, tanks, vehicles and other equipment.

– In the past, we have seen that weapons transferred via presidential authorization have arrived after just a few days, says Brad Bowman to AP. He is director of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies center on military and political power.

European warehouses

The weapons are taken from bases and warehouses in the United States or facilities in Europe. The warehouses in Europe will drastically cut down on the time it takes for military support to arrive.

Demand in Ukraine has put pressure on US weapons stockpiles. Ukraine has received increasingly larger, more lethal and expensive weapons systems as the war has progressed. The US has sent air defense systems, armored vehicles and sophisticated missiles as part of the support.

Military leaders explained to Congress that they would run out of funds if the aid package for Ukraine is not passed. The high demand has led, among other things, to large quantities of ammunition being taken from South Korea to be forwarded to Ukraine.

A military source tells AP that certain types of ammunition will “almost immediately” arrive in Ukraine because it is stored in Europe.

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