This is the new jersey of the national team [βίντεο] 2024-04-19 14:27:04

The image of the statue of the “winged goddess”, which is depicted on the right side of the new national team shirt, will accompany the international footballers in their efforts and everyone’s wish is to give them “wings” and push them to significant successes.

The Victory of Samothrace has been exhibited in the Louvre Museum since 1884 and is one of three winged Nikes found in the Temple of Samothrace. It was the main source of inspiration and origin of the NIKE logo, known as the Swoosh (it symbolizes the sound caused by the blowing of the wind and the flow of water).

On the left side of the white appearance of the National Team appear, in complete symmetry, two stripes in the colors of the national emblem as an imaginary continuation of it. In the lower left part of the display and on the occasion of the completion of 20 years since the conquest of EURO 2004, the awarding of the trophy to the National Team is shown. It is worth noting that especially for the new appearances of the National Team, the Swoosh will be silver, i.e. the same color as the design of the Victory of Samothrace, as well as the anniversary “patch”, offering a unique color uniformity.

The new look of the National Team will be available on on June 1st.

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