This time outside the stadium .. Ronaldo ignites the anger of the audience with a picture

The Portuguese returns to stir controversy, but this time outside the field

Manchester United player Cristiano Ronaldo has come under fire after the Red Devils striker posted a picture of him with Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson on Instagram.

Where the Don has published a new photo of him with Jordan and commented on it: “It’s good to see you, my friend,” which ignited social networking sites.

Peterson is a controversial figure because of his political and extremist views, according to some.

And his presence with Ronaldo, and the Madeira missile writing “my friend” on the photo, made people with different ideas with Jordan comment with anger on Don’s post.

While Jordan himself commented on Ronaldo’s photo, saying: “I’ve rarely met someone who clearly deserves what he earned. Nice to meet you.”

The angry comments came from Jordan to attack Ronaldo this time, as some considered that the Don “polluting his legacy”, and some of them announced that they had stopped loving Cristiano anymore.

While one person commented with strong anger towards the Madeira missile, where he said that this photo will give Jordan the attention he wants, and greater popularity that makes him spread his ideas.

It is worth noting that Ronaldo is preparing with Manchester United to face Sherif Tiraspol in the European League next Thursday.

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