This was the reunion of Bobby Larios with Romina Marcos, Niurka’s daughter, in Inseparables, love to the limit | VIDEO

Boby Larios and Niurka were one of the most controversial couples in the early 2000s, but their love came to an end in 2006, when the tide overcame their love and ended up driving them away. Now after 16 years, the daughter of the Cuban and the actor, businessman and musician met again in “Inseparables, amor al Limit”, but he did not recognize her.

After many attempts to regain his career in show business, Bobby joined the reality show with his partner, where to his surprise he would meet Romina, a little girl with whom he lived in his first years of life and that now, a whole lady did not recognize by the time he stopped seeing her.

One of the best moments left by the first chapter of “Inseparable, love to the limit”, was when Bobby did not recognize Niurka’s daughter, with whom he shared the first years of life, but after recognizing her they seized the moment and sent each other a nice message.

What were they said

After the embarrassing moment that was not being able to recognize the daughter of one of his partners, Bobby decided to dedicate a few words to her where he confirmed that it was a very nice moment to be able to have her in front of her after not seeing her for so long. Before he continued, Romina interrupted him to remind him that when they met for the first time within the show, he did not recognize her.

Later Marcos was the one who took the baton to talk about the past and confirm that there was no grudge towards anyone and the pide has Bobby, like the rest of the guests, that it is time to enjoy what they are today and now, so he hopes that nobody gets ideas of what they are from the stories they know, that is, he wants the guests to that house to be able to allow others to know who they are today.

“I think we are not our past, nor are you yours, nor am I mine from when I was little. So it is important to enjoy what we are all today. We all have a story, we know many (of those who are in reality) and we cannot arrive thinking that they are the same ones; we are all the time changing, evolving. I am open to meet this new Bobby with this wonderful woman and each and every one of you ”, Marcos expressed.

Later, in one of the small reaction capsules, Romina shared that she can’t judge someone for something that happened 16 years ago, since she doesn’t even remember to begin with. What is clear is that this program has a lot to tell about this relationship and many others, so you cannot miss it from Monday to Thursday at 8:00 p.m. on channel 5 or online.


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