This will cost the ticket for the Santa Rita Fair

The cost of admission will be 50 pesosreported Paul Barbosapresident of the Board of Trustees, where citizens can enjoy the ice circus, mechanical games for adults and children, a reptile and snake show, as well as the Town’s theater.

He mentioned that an important effort was made by the State Government to be able to keep the cost of the ticket the same as years ago.

detailed Barbosa that a change of image was made to the Fair, where on this occasion new characters are integrated for the fair where they are Rito (Culture), Kaomi (Food), Yeye (Music), Towito (Fun), in addition where new colors with blue Zone culture, pink Zone for the food, yellow zone for the town theater and palenque, while green area for mechanical games and make it easier for citizens to identify and not get lost.

Here artists who will be in the Town’s theater:

Gloria Trevi

Piso 21


The Cuddly


Maria Jose


K-Peace of the Sierra

Edwin Luna and La Trakalosa

omar chaparro

Cumbia Machin (Sonora Santanera, Edwin, Lupillo Rivera, among others)

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