Thomas Tuchel Rages: Bayern’s Crystal Clear Hand Penalty Trouble Explained

2024-04-10 15:42:50
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Thomas Tuchel rages – Bayern’s big penalty trouble

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Exclamation mark in London – Bayern fight for a 2-2 draw at Arsenal

In the quarter-final first leg of the Champions League, FC Bayern Munich drew 2-2 against Arsenal. Serge Gnabry and Harry Kane scored the goals for Munich. The second leg will take place in Munich next week. Sports director Max Eberl was satisfied with Bayern’s performance.

Curious scene during Bayern’s draw in the Champions League quarter-finals: Arsenal’s Gabriel picked up the ball with his hand in the penalty area. But there was no penalty. The referee’s reasoning upsets coach Tuchel – and other Bayern players too.

FC Bayern fought to a 2-2 draw at Arsenal in the quarter-final first leg of the Champions League. It was a tough duel between Munich and the leaders of the English Premier League. After the game, the players and coach Thomas Tuchel were satisfied with the performance. At least with that of the players.

Tuchel found clear words for the referee. His anger was directed at Glenn Nyberg, who had cut an unfortunate figure in several situations. “That’s the clearest penalty I’ve ever seen,” said star striker Harry Kane.

Arsenal had a goal kick after a failed Bayern attack in the 66th minute. Goalkeeper David Raya took the goal kick briefly and played the ball across to his teammate Gabriel in the penalty area. During the pass, the referee’s whistle sounded, although a goal kick, unlike a free kick, does not need to be whistled. Gabriel bent down and picked up the ball in his hand in the penalty area.

Glenn Nyberg (l.) didn’t cut the happiest figure on the pitch. Harry Kane obviously felt the same way

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Actually a penalty. But unlike a few seconds before, referee Nyberg didn’t blow his whistle now. Gabriel picked up the ball and passed it back to his goalkeeper. “Arsenal were a very good opponent and we had a below-par referee. Any physical contact was whistled, he only whistled in one direction. “It’s a crystal clear hand penalty,” said Tuchel on “Amazon Prime” after the game.

“I won’t whistle that in a quarter-final”

The coach was particularly upset about the referee’s justification for not awarding a hand penalty: “He says to our players: ‘That’s a kid’s mistake, I won’t whistle that in a Champions League quarter-final.’ “ Tuchel said: “That’s a completely new way of interpreting the rules.” Joshua Kimmich said that for him it wasn’t a “childish mistake, in the end it’s crucial to the game and bitter that we didn’t get it.”

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Thomas Müller also saw the matter critically. “I know what the referee wants if he lets things continue, but I don’t think he can ignore the laws.” It must be noted that a decision can be decisive for the game, “and we can do that We actually don’t like it.” A referee is there to implement the rules.

On the other hand, Bayern were lucky that Nyberg did not award Arsenal a penalty in stoppage time when goalkeeper Manuel Neuer touched Arsenal striker Saka’s foot in the penalty area. But neither Nyberg nor the video referee intervened. “This is a fifty-fifty situation,” said Bayern striker Harry Kane: “We should have gotten a penalty too. That’s just how it is in football.”

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