“Thongchai Jaidee” reveals 14 years of life in the military that helped win the historic PGA championship

After “Pro Chang” Thongchai Jaidee 52-year-old Thai favorite golf pro who made history asThai pro golfFirst person to win a golf championship PGA Tour Champions (PGA Tour Champions) The American Family Insurance Championship 2022 received a prize money of up to $360,000 (approximately 12.54 million baht) on Sunday (June 12).pro elephantvery much

forPGA Tour Championsatpro elephantJust recently won a fresh championship. It’s an event that allows all the senior golfers to compete. which was originally called “Senior PGA Tour” Between 1980 and 2002, but after that the name “Champions Tour” In the period 2003-2015 until the name was changed to “PGA Tour Champions” at present

“This win is very important to me. The game has changed I can say that now I am very happy to compete in this tournament.” Pro Thongchai said after winning the championship

To win this golf championship of Thongchai Jaidee It was his 22nd trophy in his major career and tours.

forhonorVarious champions of pro elephant Since turning pro for more than 20 years, there are the following

  • European Tour (European Tour) 8 events
  • Asian Tour (13 items) (The 2nd most in history, second only to Thaworn Wiratchan Another top pro in Thailand who has won 18 championships)
  • PGA Tour Champions (PGA Tour Champions) 1 event

Brief history of Thongchai Jaidee is a native of Lopburi province by birth Born on November 8, 1969, graduated primary school from Chubson School, Lopburi, lower secondary from Phra Narai School, Lopburi, and upper secondary from Bangkok’s district office (non-formal education course) school)

“Professional golf course”pro elephant” is considered a legendary pro golf in Thailand. and is a role model for young golfers in terms of discipline and commitment on the professional path. which will be successful until today Discussion admits that it is not easy.

back to the past Thongchaistart playing sportsgolfAmateur at the age of 16, but turn pro at the age of about 30 after having to gomilitary service which Pro Chang realizes that 14 years of life in the military played a big part in his success as he is today.

Thongchai Jaidee Interview with the host after winning the PGA Tour Champions: Dealing with pressure was nothing new to him. because he served in the military since he was a teenager and at the age of 20, he went to practiceparatrooper

pro elephantHe said that during his 14 years in the military he practiced and played golf on the barracks club course. until he was in the Thai national team before entering the road of professional golf at the age of 30

“I think life in the military has helped me a lot. My heart is strong … because I have been through a lot of military training.” Thongchai Phue

for pro elephant Which used to make the world’s best ranking is the 27th place in the world, butHe is currently ranked 1,181 in the world, having not played on any of the major tours over the past several years.

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