Thought there were big fish… Lu Nan smashed 220,000 bags of water from the fish pond and was dumbfounded… There were only “a few fish” | INTERNATIONAL | CTWANT

A mainland man heard that the wild fish pond had raised 500 fish and offered RMB 50,000 to contract the fish pond, but only 4 fish were caught. (Picture / flipping “Star Video” Weibo)

People tend to combine all factors and try their best to minimize the risk before investing. However, investors may still lose investment after careful consideration. A man in mainland China took a fancy to a wild fish pond. After consulting local elders, he learned that at least 500 fish had been raised in the fish pond, so he offered RMB 50,000 (about NT$223,000) to contract the fish pond. However, the man who had been investigated beforehand still failed in his investment. After pumping the fish pond, only 4 big fish were caught. The man claimed that he lost about RMB 49,000.

This fish pond is located in a village in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province. On the 12th, the man used his mobile phone to share the process of pumping water, catching fish, soft-shelled turtles (commonly known as soft-shelled turtles) and river mussels in a live broadcast. He introduced this fish pond in the live broadcast. The water depth is 3 meters and it has not dried up in the past 30 years. The fish pond belongs to the elderly association in the village, and he learned from the old people that “500 fish were released two years ago, and the fish pond has Big Fish” information.

But in the end, due to poor farming, the villagers did not plan to manage the fish ponds any more, and said that men could contract the fish ponds as long as they paid RMB 50,000. In the live broadcast, the man said that two pumps were specially prepared for pumping water, but due to the heavy rain that morning, another pump was temporarily added for pumping. In the video, people in the fish pond can be seen cheering from time to time, and it seems that the harvest is quite good. During the fishing process, the man said that he caught a lot of “water mussels with pearls and night pearls in them” and large turtles.

However, at the end of the film, the man said that only 4 big fish were caught in the end, and the estimated loss was about 49,000 yuan. Once the video was shared, it sparked heated discussions among netizens. Some netizens said, “I suspect that the four fish are all of the same sex, otherwise there would be four.” Some netizens felt that it was an old man who was lying. Said “The old man is right, you are the big fish”, “Maybe these four were put out by the old man in your village yesterday.”

In addition, some netizens said that the man did not really lose money, “50,000 is the contract fee for the use of the fish pond, and there are still several years of use rights. These fish are all earned”, “People are contracting this fish pond, Instead of buying 50,000 yuan for the fish in the pond, even if a fish does not have this fish pond, it will be used by him.”

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