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Have you thought about the word era, how amazing is the color of its denotations and meanings? It shrinks until it is no more than a few years, the era of the World Wide Web, the era of artificial intelligence, or on a human scale: the era of Al-Mutanabbi, Mozart, or Bonaparte. The singular extends a little, so contemporary literature is one hundred and fifty years old. Then the Middle Ages a few centuries. The imperial era has no limits to its unbridled expansion. The geological eras are tens of thousands of years or hundreds of thousands of them, but these are nothing. The geologist sometimes tells you: This rock is young, its age does not exceed 250 million years, and the rib of this dinosaur dates back to two hundred million years; That is, the beginning of the era of dinosaurs.

It all looks like a snail crawling at hypersonic speeds, let alone the speed of light. Telescope James Webb far exceeded the Hubble telescope, as it observed, for the first time in the history of astronomy, hundreds of galaxies dating back to the infancy of the universe, when its nails were soft, its juiciness was dewy, and its age did not exceed the third billion of its blessed life. Today, God willing, its return has intensified, and its age is now 13.7 billion years. The data that astrophysicists obtained thanks to telescopes overturned many concepts that were similar to convictions.

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Accurate pictures of the universe in its infancy showed that galaxies were more diverse in an amazing way, compared to their types in modern times, and more numerous in their shapes, especially in the types of flat, circular and spiral galaxies.

The unfortunate thing is that the universe has spent 99% of its nearly fourteen billion years, unable to produce the organic matter from which life emerges. But in comparison, the distance between the appearance of the first bacteria, and the humans who made thousands of nuclear bombs, capable of blowing up the planet and whoever is on it, with the push of a button, was like a flash. Blow up the earth before the party returns to us, so there is no time even for editing and spreading the great news.

What did Abu Al-Ala mean when he said: “Long times and forever?” What would his reaction be if an astrophysicist told him: I see through James Webb’s telescope eight hundred galaxies from eleven billion years ago? In the era of Al-Ma’arri, it was prevalent that the time distance separating the first man was six thousand years. No wonder, until the beginning of the twentieth century, scientists used to think that the Milky Way is the entire universe, until the physicist Hubble came up with the reality of the multiplicity of galaxies. James Webb is another world. But science is advancing, comes every day with wonder, makes the human eye see the fossil rays of the universe, which is its image 380 thousand years after the Big Bang. Scientists are humorous, and they called it the “birth cry.”

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Necessity: The surprising result: There is a difference between the greatness of science and the decline of evil instincts.

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