Tik Jesadaporn moves after getting the 30th Prime Minister but found this kind of criticism

2023-08-25 01:08:39

Thailand already has its 30th prime minister, Mr. Srettha Thavisin, and on August 23, Mr. Srettha Thavisin received a royal command. Appointed as the 30th prime minister and announced the creation of “4 years of change”, ready to work with ethical standards and honesty to become a “tiring prime minister”

And after receiving the 30th prime minister, the famous actor Tik Jesadaphon Pholdee has come out to move and post a message via social media saying “In the darkness…only one match stick ignites. Millions of people in the distance would see the bright flame from the tip of that match. #the darker the brighter

Although this message is liked by many people, there are many others who disagree with the tour, such as

Are you still using matches? Khun Tik. They have been going to LED lights for a long time. #Want to be cool? Not cool, research shows that people who believe in “fake quotes” are not very smart, turn on the light. Is the light off? Turn on Light is better It’s much brighter, but oh, in the forest, in the forest, electricity may not be reached yet. Recommend a lighter or flashlight. Better than a matchstick for sure.

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