Baitoey Suteewan was tricked by a skilled person into using a fake page to pretend to make a living.

2023-12-19 18:56:10 The page was forged by a skilled person, pretending to make a living forGirl “Baitoey Suthiwan” Until having to come out and criticize fake pages in Instagram stories Ready to appeal to everyone to help press report, Bai Toey has posted a picture of a fake page. Along with stating the message:.‚ÄúThese fake … Read more

Aum Patcharapa still has to rely on Phra Mae Bee Matika. I wonder if she will be fulfilled or not?

2023-12-18 16:30:29 It’s coming on strong for B Matika which many people raise the position to be Phra Mae Bee Matika After acting as a matchmaker for Mae Chak, Kaembum Priyada got to know Pee Pete until they found love and were preparing to get married. until wanting to guarantee mother’s success Plus, recently the … Read more

Beautiful people won’t be single for long! The young actress quits the high society and moves on and has a new love.

2023-11-15 00:35:49 Is rationing tight? Punpun: Mother is kind, the person who recommended P’Pon to me. He said P’Pon’s mother is very cute (laughs). Mother, do you know that Panpun is Pee Waen’s daughter? Pon: I think he should know. But he asked after a long time. He said he had a secretary. Come and … Read more

Very beautiful and strong, a young actress is pregnant and close to giving birth. Appears to attend the Mak-Kim wedding

2023-11-13 09:04:51 Prepare to become a mother-to-be for young actress Maprang Wirakan. She previously announced the good news that she was pregnant with her first child on August 8, 2023. And most recently on November 12th, Maprang and her husband appeared at the wedding and carried a pregnant woman close to giving birth to the … Read more

Yui Jiranan-Than Thanakorn announces good news. Recently, they know the gender of their child!

2023-11-01 18:43:43 I must congratulate the soon-to-be parents. Yui Jiranan-Than Thanakorn That Yui is now pregnant. First child after waiting for many yearsRecently, I had the opportunity to open up and reveal that Now I know the gender: it’s a girl.Believe that you will definitely be beautiful and cute like Mae Yui. Let’s just say … Read more