A group of famous mothers gathered for Oh Phakjira’s birthday. Everyone is perfect.

Mothers, entertainers gathered to celebrate the birthday in advance for Oh Phakjira has May Fuangaram, Ning Panita, Kratae Supaksorn, Hana Tassanawalai, Ple Paradee, Nana Raibena and Dai Diana. Let’s create a happy moment for Oh this year. Each of them has released photos on Instagram to see the beauty that is still exactly the same … Read more

Open the condition of the watermelon house after almost a year without a person to take care of it.

In a blink of an eye, it’s been almost a year. with the departure of a young actress Watermelon Nida Patcharaveerapong After the incident, the boat sank in the river under the Rama VII Bridge on February 24, 2022 in Panma. latest Anna, one of Watermelon’s best friends. traveled to the watermelon house where the … Read more

Fans flocked to surprise the army’s birthday.

The bright-faced young protagonist “Peak Army”Just passed his 22nd birthday, and with the past birthday of the “Peak” young man, I must say that this year is very warm. Especially the 2 drama divisions that Peak was filming, different cakes to surprise each other. Whether it’s the organizer “Jah Yossinee” along with the actors who … Read more

Kong Huai Rai was embarrassed, the singer of the grandson generation knew why the band broke up. Netizens comment a lot

It’s a very long story… Recently, a famous singer Kong Huai Rai Fly to the sky to play a concert as far as South Korea. But instead encountered an embarrassing problem that had to come out and post on Facebook that “No wonder why duo artists often break up. I was so embarrassed to come … Read more

Oh! Open the price of a luxury brand bag

Came out to post a picture with a bag from the world-class screw brand Dior, but it seems that Kimberly’s beauty will be the most hilarious of fans. In this set of pictures, Kimberly stated the caption “For Spring-Summer 2023”.Haute Couture Collection After this set of images was published, there were many fans who commented … Read more