Beautiful people won’t be single for long! The young actress quits the high society and moves on and has a new love.

2023-11-15 00:35:49
Is rationing tight?

Punpun: Mother is kind, the person who recommended P’Pon to me. He said P’Pon’s mother is very cute (laughs).

Mother, do you know that Panpun is Pee Waen’s daughter?

Pon: I think he should know. But he asked after a long time. He said he had a secretary. Come and ask if Pon knows that Panpun is Mae Waen’s son. I said I know. But I knew after knowing him. Mother should know because the secretary told her. Pun should have posted the picture. Become friends with my mother on Line He should have seen the picture.

Going to Japan, Mom takes rations with you?

Pon: I invite you to take your mother on a trip. I have a younger sister too. I brought rations with me.

Passed through the mother’s checkpoint. What does Pon’s sister say?

Pon: I went to talk to the two of them (laughs). Some of the things were weird. Since when did they talk? (laughs)

Punpun: P’Pon, at some points he gets tense. P’Pon’s mother also said that she could accept it. But will I be able to accept it? Everyone has advantages and disadvantages. His younger sister doesn’t behave like her older brother. Behavior similar to ours because it’s chill. We talked about clothes, bags, food. When we went to Japan, we were excited. It’s the same thing, if it’s not good then we’ll split up (laughs). Go to Japan for 12 days.

After Japan?

Punpun: Is it good? (asked Pon) We didn’t argue at all. With something different We look at many things differently. We have to adjust. P’Pon said that if we have a serious enough aim, We will learn to put public interest first over personal gain. Said to look at the team as the main thing How will you go with the team?

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Pon: Sounds like creating a company (laughs).

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